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Welcome to The Wembley International School. As one approaches The Wembley International School, what strikes the most is the imposing structure. The fantastic earthy and rusted bricks facade makes one fall in love at the first sight. The roof clad with gray tiles and stylish mouldings are reminiscent of venerable English institutions and are built in typical Scottish style architecture that justifies the name of the school, aesthetically designed with all modern facilities that cater to the needs of the students. It is spread over 7 acres of land with beautiful landscaping and well-developed eco-friendly plantations. As you enter the campus the first impression which also leaves a lasting impression is that of space. The facilities and infrastructure in this e-campus are latest and designed with a futuristic approach. The school has a well-designed spacious waiting lounge and the front office equipped with modern technology is manned by professionally trained counsellors who receive parents and provide assistance.

Late Mr. M.N. Ahmad Ghani, Founder, Z.A. Islamia College, Siwan

Late Mr. M.N. Ahmad Ghani (Founder, Z.A. Islamia College, Siwan)

Late Mr. M. N. Ahmad Ghani was a great intellectual, a radical thinker, an outstanding literary genius, an enlightened and forward looking educationist who founded Z. A. Islamia College in 1971 in Siwan which was economically backward and geographically isolated at that time. He realized that the wellbeing future of the society largely depended on the education and the education was essential for the all round development of the society.
He was gifted with a rare vision and far ahead of his times. He was deeply concerned about the future of the youth at Siwan. He realized that nothing could remove the obstacle to progress of the society. He strongly believed that education was a means of fostering and cultivating the inherent potentialities of the human beings and through education mankind individually and collectively marched towards progressive development. He dedicated his life to fulfilling his dreams. He did yeoman service for the development of the society.

Mr. Zafar Ahmad Ghani (Chairman, The Wembley International School)

Dear Parents,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Wembley International School Siwan. I am delighted that you have chosen us as the place to educate your child. I take this responsibility very seriously. I have no doubt that you have made the right choice.
At The Wembley we will work in partnership with your child and yourselves to ensure the very best educational experience possible. It is our aim to provide an experience that allows your child to be very well prepared for both the present and the world they will inherit in the future. It is our hope that your child will develop a love for learning, as well as skills and attributes that will see them flourish in a range of endeavours; that they become confident, creative, caring, open minded, critical thinkers who will be able to lead and contribute within their society and the world. It is important that at TWIS we work together to provide an environment where all members of the school community feel happy, safe, respected and cared for. We do this by having high expectations of behaviour, appearance, care and through the development of supportive positive relationships. A key to education is that students need to be challenged in all that they do; to identify their strengths as well as areas for improvement. Our expertly trained teachers and staff will work alongside you and your child to offer a broad and enriched curriculum both within the school day and beyond that extends your childs understanding of the curriculum; while providing them with the necessary skills to think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively and act responsibly.
At The Wembley we strive to DREAM, BELIEVE and ACHIEVE.
My staff and I look forward to working with you and your child on this journey.

Mr. Zafar Ahmad Ghani, Chairman, The Wembley International School , Siwan